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Progenitor Advanced Liquid Culture Lid

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Wasted needles and contaminated liquid cultures are a thing of the past. Spencer's Shroomery Progenitor Liquid Culturing Lids make rapid aseptic LC production a breeze! Make dozens of syringes in minutes with no needles involved.

Airtight and fully-autoclavable lids complete with laboratory-grade components to ensure a smooth liquid culturing operation. Inoculate with ease through the self-sealing injection port and create LC syringes in rapid succession without risk of contamination. Each lid is hand-made with precision and longevity in mind. 

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  • FAST ASEPTIC WITHDRAWALS: Medical-grade silicone tubing and manual valve clamp allow for rapid aseptic withdrawal of liquid cultures. 
  • LEAK-PROOF: Polypropylene bulkhead ensures a rigorous seal around the silicone tubing. Every lid is fitted with a silicone gasket and a hydrophobic air exchange filter to ensure a barrier against contaminants.
  • STERILE GAS EXCHANGE: Utilizing a 0.22μm laboratory-grade filter, gas is able to pass in and out of the jar without risking contamination from molds and bacteria.
  • SELF-SEALING INJECTION PORT: Temperature-resistant, self-healing silicone injection port for sterile inoculation and liquid transfer.
  • REUSABLE: Fully re-usable assrembly RTV Silicone adhesive sealing ensures a tight, temperature-resistant seal that can withstand numerous sterilization cycles.|


  • Fully-reusable leak-proof polypropylene lid
  • Hydrophobic PTFE filter cased in polypropylene
  • High-temp RTV silicone tubing with polypropylene luer adapter/plug
  • Threaded polypropylene bulkhead
  • Includes spare luer plug
  • Includes full user manual and repair guide

Spencer’s Shroomery is dedicated to providing you with high-quality mycology products with customer service being my highest priority. If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help solve any issues!