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Pink Oyster Spray-and-Grow Mushroom Grow Kit

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Easy Pink Oyster mushroom grow kit, perfect for new growers or the mushroom lover in your life! Growing mushrooms at home is easier than ever. Simply cut the block, mist with the included spray bottle, and enjoy fresh mushrooms in 7-10 days. 100% guaranteed to grow or I'll replace free. Plus, enjoy several bonus crops with a little more care! 

About Pink Oysters

Pink Oyster (Pleurotus djamor) is a species of edible mushroom native to the pan-tropical regions of the world, preferring warmer temperatures than other Pleurotus. It is well-loved for its striking color and impressive umami flavor, but it has a very short shelf life of 1-2 days after harvest, making it difficult to procure. Some compare the flavor to bacon or ham when paired with smoked paprika. Like other Oysters, it is an excellent source of protein, potassium, antioxidants, and immune system boosting beta-glucans.

Grow Difficulty: Intermediate

Flavor: Strong umami, slightly fishy flavor

Temperature: 70-85F


  • 6lb All-Natural Mushroom Production Block
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • 20mL Spray Bottle


  • Made with 100% regenerative organic wheat grain spawn grown by Arizona family farmers.
  • Professionally maintained commercial-grade Pleurotus djamor culture.
  • Ingredients: Oak Wood, Soybean Hulls, Organic Wheat, Mycelium (Pleurotus djamor)

    Experienced grower or repeat customer looking for just the block without a sprayer or instructions? See our just-the-block page