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Spencer's Shroomery

12cc LME Liquid Culture (LC) Syringe

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12 cc of mycelium in liquid culture (LC) media. Each syringe comes with a complementary sterile 18g hypodermic needle and alcohol swab! Our liquid culture is 2.5% extra light malt extract (LME) solution. 

Note: More varieties to come soon!


  1. Sanitize your workstation and all tools/media containers.
  2. Carefully remove the included 18g hypodermic needle and hold in the flow. Remove the syringe cap and replace with the needle. NOTE: If planning on saving some of the LC, consider storing the syringe cap in an ethanol bath or keep in laminar flow if possible! Do not store syringes with the needle attached.
  3. Thoroughly shake the syringe to evenly distribute mycelium. 
  4. Using the included alcohol swab, sanitize the injection site. Do this before every injection.
  5. Inject 1cc or more of LC to your chosen media. Wipe down the needle with the alcohol swab or flame sterilize between each injection.

Liquid culture syringes should be used with proper aseptic technique. Learn more about aseptic technique here.

Please use sharps or biological hazard disposal when disposing of syringes. Do not throw hypodermic needles or other sharps in the trash. Syringes are single use only.