Mt. Lemmon Cleanup/Mushroom Foray

Free expeditions to the Mt. Lemmon / Coronado National Forest area to clean up litter and explore local mushrooms. Trash bags and pickers are provided, so just bring your water, snacks, and curiosity!

As of April 2022, we are registered as a Forest Service volunteer group. Free parking on the mountain is guaranteed for volunteers during cleanup hours!

Details: Meet at Windy Point at ~9am for a headcount, then we will go together to the area of operation to begin the cleanup. Trash bags and pickers will be provided! Make sure to bring plenty of snacks, water, and an outfit appropriate for trail hiking. We will be scouring the trails for litter and finding some wonderful mushrooms! We generally do not pick any mushrooms, but individuals are welcome to collect mushrooms while observing applicable Forest Service regulations. 

Please register with this link:

This helps us to keep in communication with everyone. Hope to see you there!

This week's organizer: William Wimmer (520) 308 1083


Previous Events and Impact Metrics

Cleanup Area
Trash Removed
18 July 2021
Bear Wallow (South)
22.5 lbs
25 July 2021 CANCELLED Rescheduled (rain)
01 August 2021 Bear Wallow (West) 18.4 lbs
08 August 2021 Summit Trails 4.0 lbs
15 August 2021 Bear Wallow (North) 27.9 lbs
22 August 2021 Bear Wallow (South)

15.3 lbs

29 August 2021 Bear Wallow (South) 23.8 lbs
19 September 2021 General Hitchcock 24.8 lbs
03 October 2021 Bear Wallow 36.6 lbs
06 February 2022 Bear Wallow 36.9 lbs
10 July 2022 Bear Wallow 24.0 lbs
02 October 2022 Bear Wallow 29.5 lbs
30 April 2023 Bear Wallow 37.0 lbs
17 September 2023 Bear Wallow ---
Total Mt. Lemmon 300.7 lbs


Our Story

As beginners, we encountered many headaches that made it difficult to grow mushrooms. Inconsistent sources, high cost-to-entry, high shipping costs, and difficulty sourcing products made growing more of a pain than a pleasure.

This is where Spencer's Shroomery steps in.

We are working to build Arizona's first one-stop mushroom cultivation supply store!

Pictured: A novice Spencer making one of his first substrate bags

Locally focused

In nature, fungi are stewards of their ecosystems. They partner with other soil microbes to help regulate soil health and form symbiotic relationships with plants, focusing on improving the overall forest community. Taking a lesson from fungi, we believe that it is important to support local ecosystems. We work closely with local small businesses and Arizona family farmers to bring you cultivation products you can depend on.

Environmental commitment

On the same note, we believe that we should all take a note out of the book of fungi and do what we can to care for our planet. We make an effort to minimize our environmental impact by...

  • Supporting Regenerative Agriculture

    We proudly source all of the organic grains used in our products from Oatman Flats Ranch, a family owned and NCOF certified organic farm pioneering regenerative farming practices in hot and dry climates.

    Learn more about their farm and mission 
  • Engaging in Bioremediation Projects

    Spencer is currently researching the potential of fungi to help save the Arizona rivers from invasive Tamarisk shrubs. Tamarisk is a highly damaging species that increases topsoil salinity, accelerating erosion and pushing out native species like Cottonwood, Creosote, and Mesquite.

  • Community Cleanups & Forays

    During mushrooming season, we host weekly forays to the Santa Catalina mountains to observe the local mushrooms and pick up trash along hiking trails and in campsites.

    Learn more about our cleanups